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Experiential Marketing/ Brand Activation

Experiential Marketing

it’s now more crucial than ever for competent marketers to find an alternative for achieving business goals.

Around 81% of consumers find online ads exhausting, while 67% of them irrelevant. Most consumers activate adblockers to avoid unnecessary interruptions in between video streaming.

The best way to activate your brand in people’s minds is by allowing them to experience it.

in the last few years, Experiential marketing has become increasingly prevalent. Experiential marketing/ Brand Activation/Brand engagment, also known as “live” or “event” marketing, is an effective marketing tool that allows businesses to meet their business goals by urging the target audience to participate in different activities and events organized by the company for brand awareness.

Experiential marketing breaks traditional commercials’ norms and connects consumers with the brand in a significant way and it will develop brand loyalty. Experiential marketing can be executed in so many forms, fromfree sample distribution to tradeshows and in-store events to engage consumers with a product or service.

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