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Metrics for brand activation campaigns

The objective of a brand activation campaign should be to develop a face to face two way conversation with your customers.

Consumer engagement helps to bring life into your brand and can build a very loyal fan base. In order to succeed  you need to create engaging and memorable experiences that strike real emotions with your consumer.

Here is a list of some of the measurement factors to keep in mind.

  • Consumer reach.  targeted consumers reach according to the campaign scale.

  • Brand relevance. Activation strategy should relevant to the brand’s message and running campaign.

  • Return on investment. Activation campaigns should not always be measured alone, it should be as part of a full campaigns in financial terms and sales.

  • Collecting Data you will be able to capture consumer data, such as emails, social media followers and other future marketing leads and opportunities?

  • Long term potential. a memorable and emotional Activations campaigns can give the brand any potential to gain long term customer loyalty and good memories.

  • Integration capabilities. Brand activation campaign should compliment and have the ability to integrate into the overall campaign.

  • Uniqueness. the Idea along with the brand should have a unique value or selling proposition that get consumers attention to create word of mouth.

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